Good Morning

August 27, 2018 // 0 Comments

It’s a new week. One of my favourite politicians died this past weekend and it made me wonder about several things. This is a man that for all he has been through is ....(Read more)

Let’s Discuss – Recycling

August 25, 2018 // 0 Comments

Is it profitable to recycle in Nigeria? As a child, I used these machines in America and we were all too happy to get the receipts and collect cash inside the grocery store ....(Read more)

Give Teens the Skills to Suceed

August 22, 2018 // 1 Comment

I got this information from a friend who is one of the conveners of the event. I sat thinking to myself, if I had gotten some of this training or been equipped as a teen, I ....(Read more)

Happy Sallah

August 21, 2018 // 1 Comment

Hello my people, Barka de Sallah and a happy Sallah to you. Hope everyone is resting? I am torn between laying in bed and going to the gym….I will probably go. I want ....(Read more)

Ever Wondered

August 20, 2018 // 1 Comment

I saw this on someone’s page this morning and I truly wonder about Nigerians as a whole. Now my thought process is this- church folks are generally nice in church on ....(Read more)

That One Time I got a Check/ Cheque

August 16, 2018 // 2 Comments

So I have been doing a lot of mulling in my mind, getting in my own feelings and stuff a lot lately. Like I look back on certain events and people and I am like what was I ....(Read more)

The Struggle is real

August 15, 2018 // 0 Comments

Hi everyone, how is it going? I struggle with, and I am often conflicted with putting myself out there. When I say putting myself out there- I mean in terms of making noise ....(Read more)

Still a Beast

August 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

Top of the morning to you. I hope everyone had a restful weekend especially if you are in this Lagos. So last week I went back to the gym after give or take four years of ....(Read more)

Who is in Your Circle?

August 10, 2018 // 1 Comment

Hello everyone, I have a question for you? Who is in your circle? Professionally and personally? You are absolutely the sum of the five to 10 people closest to you. I just ....(Read more)

Now Hiring – Content Writer

August 9, 2018 // 0 Comments

Content Writer needs a talented content writer to create compelling blog posts and social media content. We seek someone who will help us expand digital footprint ....(Read more)
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