Moving forward

Hello everyone, happy new year and sorry for the silence. I hope 2019 has brought you many beautiful things?

I have weighed and weighed this several times and I have come to that point again….its time to let go of pynk360 as we all know it. I feel blessed to have been able to share what was a personal journey which culminated my highs and lows, sadness and anger many times with the world at large. What started out as writing for myself to let lose turned into a community that garnered over 50k visits monthly.

I am truly grateful for your time and I respect your time.

In all of this I have grown tremendously as a person – as a woman, professional, wife, mother, sister and friend.

I will no longer post on this platform and have opted to join a community larger than myself and work as a collective to create a positive community for women.

In the not so distant future you will be able to find some of my work on

if you wish to continue on our journey together.

I will always try to keep it 100 but do so from a positive angle.

Thank you once again, this page could have never become what it is without all of you.

Thank you, Ese pupo…

With Love



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  1. Guess I am one of those views you get once in a while but hardly comment. Will miss your writings and positive impacts. I remember your good words from T’s blog helping me through my low moments and also the gift from 5k store I received from you 4 years ago.

    Thank you for all that you did and do, you are most appreciated. Have a great year and I would definitely be stopping by on the next journey once in a while too.
    Much love…


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