Christmas is Coming

So like winter, Christmas is here…or should I say Harmattan? How is everyone doing? You see I have plans for this blog but they hardly ever materialize thanks to chasing two toddlers around daily. One of them rubbed soap on her eyes and was shouting pepper, the same child ate half of my one month birth control pills.all in the same day…parenting twins in America is kicking my butt…i don’t know how or if my sanity is still intact at this point.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I tried, i really tried but I think I am just bad at putting effort into certain things such as gift buying. I also ask myself if my kids need more toys to clutter the house with. I have been pretty diligent with putting money away for University for them, but I still cannot justify buying them any toy that costs more than $20…I bought books and wrapped them so they have stuff to open in addition to their mandated one gift. My husband and I agreed from day 1 they get only one proper gift for the holidays.

I have an aloofness about material things and I don’t want my kids thinking gifts are a measure of love or in anyway attached to their self worth.

How are you?

I noticed a trend in corporate Nigeria where big time artists appear for Christmas parties and I know a lot of these organisations dont pay their workers well….wouldnt it make sense to have better paid employees or is it because Nigeria doesnt really hold anyone accountable?


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  1. It’s a groove time and alot of the employees would rather have the Christmas party.
    To a very great extent, no one is held accountable for anything


  2. Merry Christmas to you in arrears and a happy New year. You finally made the move abroad!
    I find the splurging on Christmas parties quite sad, the same way I feel about companies,banks,spending so much on celebs’endorsements and rebranding yet won’t give SMEs loans and still lay off many staff.


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