I am generally confused when some women say things like oh I don’t make friends with women, or oh I don’t like other women. You see I grew up without sisters and to a certain extent I used to think I was cool and one of the boys. I even had a bit of gender disappointment when I delivered two girls.

I quickly had to do a mental reset and be grateful. I realized God does not make mistakes. He gave me two girls because he understands that they need each other. I see them mother each other, scold each other, love each other and share with each other. Half of the time they Completely ignore me.

When women say proudly oh “I dont make friends with women” – they stab you in the back etc. I find that these types of statements hurt women more than they help us. Women are like a tribe, we help each other, cry with each other. With the exception of the few bad eggs who feel the need to bring down others, it’s safe to say if you have good friends, they will be in your corner and fight your cause and stay the course.

Male, female – friendships are very important. Be kind and remember no one exists in isolation. This post was inspired by the post below on instagram.

How are the holiday plans coming along? I haven’t even bought gifts for my kids….I just feel tired and under the weather for the most part.


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