MRKH Syndrome – Uterus Transplant

So if you are Nigerian, we have heard of the whole born without a womb syndrome. And we have heard so many women condemned in Nigeria because of this or simple weaknesses in the Uterus. One in 4500 women suffer from this syndrome, so while it is rare, it still happens. I am typing this epistle because once again God has won through science.

I am a firm believer that if you want a baby etc, get human help if you have to. IVF, surrogacy etc are all of God, he made the humans who he allowed to do these things. I do not agree with gene tampering to create enhanced features or unnecessarily perfect human beings.

Great news Brazil has pioneered its first cadaver uterine transplant that resulted in a live birth. The mother was born without a uterus and went on to get a uterus, from someone deceased….a cadaver…the baby will be a year old in 2 weeks.

I am always excited for science especially as it advances cause. Its 2018 and you would be amazed at the value some societies place on women having children or the shaming of those who have to go through unconventional methods to have them.

I am so excited ehn, its like I won the lottery. I was so ashamed last week to read people ridoculing Gabrielle Union online after the birth of their daughter. Like why does anyone think they have a right to play God or determine how she should feel or act? Because she share her short coming with the world? Or because something that is supposed to be considered normal she was unable to do? I always say God made us in his image, not his replica, thus everyone has imperfections….some just more visible than others.

Sorry that was my Wednesday moment. I hope your week is coming along?


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  1. This new innovation is great. I always tell people to do the things that makes them happy because one way or another people will still talk. A child is a child whether you are the birth mother or not,people need to back off with their annoying and archaic reasoning.


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