Reinforcement Monday

Hey everyone, I have been meaning to post this since Friday. As with all things when dealing with toddlers and trying to have a balance, I forget. This applies to men and women…stop looking for people who need fixing or tolerating- there is no perfect partner. I knew I was going to marry my husband within 3 weeks of meeting him, whether he knew he was going to marry me then is a different ball game. For me, he was and still is a fully formed human being in terms of the things that are most important to me. Accountability and responsibility are topmost on that list. I can ask a million and one questions and he answers, he knows my expectations of him; they are actually less than what he expects of himself…I dont need to police him to do things for our family etc because for him I know it is top of his list…and he is not looking for fresh stew on a daily basis or ignorant to me needing help around the house etc.

On another note, its a public holiday tomorrow and its thanksgiving here. For me I will be eating and resting😂 with my 22 year old two year olds under my armpits.

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