Its December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you know, you know right? Not quite true. While December is a beautiful month with all its decorations and festivities, a lot of people feel pressured. Myself included- the what have I achieved for the year gang, and the things I asked God for that I havent gotten or he has decided it it not time yet.

I have been observing and sometimes I think gratitude can be hard when we think we dont have it all. I want to say to you, the fact you are alive is no coincidence. That within itself is a gift. We have many gifts that we tend to take for granted.

In the course of the last few days, I have done some pseudo reflecting – in 2018 I have felt sorry for myself, sometimes diagnosed myself with post partum depression, diagnosed myself with lack of ambition etc. You see with people like me that got that crazy rise very early in life and assumed I had it all figured out, the shock when you cannot exactly communicate what it is or control segments of your life can leave you exhausted.

Being a wife was relatively easy for me. Being a mother I was neurotic- I did everything for my kids and almost burnt myself the hell out. Now I am learning to let others deal with them, or let them roam around, they wont die. I also make concerted efforts to do things for myself.

I told myself after watching CNNs tribute to George H.W Bush – 1st President who said he has no regrets. Life happens the way it is supposed to. I realise that my life took the trajectory it did for me to have the things I do and that my life is perfectly fine….I need more sleep

Last week I was busy making crochet baby hats for preemies.

I found the yarn on sale and was able to make 24 in 2days – it is something I want to consider doing on an ongoing basis. These are the kinds of things I do that gladen my heart and remind me I am awesome,kind and just all round human. I was earlier going to say money is the only thing I dont have, but frankly speaking I have made quite a bit considering I work from home and I am grateful to be able to spend time with my children. I have always been around for milestones.

I am considering giveaways but I dont even know who reads anymore…maybe 5 days of Christmas?

How is your December coming along?


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  1. Some of us still read even if we dont comment. I totally agree with you..we all need to stop having regrets and enjoy the ride if life.


  2. Yeah its that time of the year when we truly feel pressured. I have learnt to be super grateful because this year i have outdid myself lol. I started my food business although i am still learning the curves but i am glad i did. Also i will be having my first outing for the underprivilege this december and it gladens my heart to be able to do this for them.

    P.s Those caps are beautifulyou are doing a good thing Mrs Pynk. Life is to be enjoyed one day at a time.


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