Women Please Listen Up

It took me a while to sort of understand why I kicked back against certain types of relationships especially with the opposite sex. I have had several relationships of varying degrees and one broken engagement, another almost engagement. When you know that circimstances are not right for you, and you can’t quite articulate it and so you bounce.

I was watching a video on instagram and I won’t even bring it here. A pastor couple (husband and wife as Ministry is generally sexually transmitted these days) were on a show. The guy was going on about how his wife spent 8 years birthing him and it was more painful for her to birth him than it was to birth their 2 kids.

My first thought was what kind of nonesense is this? You a grown adult do not know how to teach yourself to grow up? You are putting a woman who is already dealing with other conflicts such as motherhood, wife and possibly juggling with a career and you add on the stress of her being a rehabilitation center for a grown man?

This just reminds me of women who stand up for cheating men, lazy or abusive ones saying men are men. On days you want to slap your boss for being a jerk do you do it? On days you want to box the police, do you do it? Accountability and self control have always being a big thing for me.

It’s ok to openly admit as an adult that you lack self discipline and are unwilling to train yourself into getting it. It’s not right to burden another human being with the task of trying to whip you into shape. Please don’t misinterpret this to mean we shouldnt build each other up.

In the last few years, I have been so deliberate in my friendships and relationships that if I get the slightest whiff you intend for me to serve as your rehabilitation center, I will cut you off. We are adults- own your sh*t but dont burden me with it. I already got 2 year olds going on 22 who literally give me sh*t on a daily basis. Lots of pun intended.

Women end up freling burnt out and this is one of the key reasons why.



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  1. This sounded real as shittt…Lol

    How are you Ms Pynk? Nice post


  2. So many women on this table covering up for grown ass men who cant get their shit together. If you talk too much they will say ‘men are babies’ yen yen yen yen yen.


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