Give Thanks

You see I am at a transitional popoinpoint iin my life. In between attempts to make life changes and adjust, sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed by it all.

I have also come to the realization that I am not the most organized or the most disciplined person and I am working towards that. My head is filled with the greatest of ideas, I am great at recruitment/ HR links but I am stuck in the middle of my own job search😂. Maybe I am overqualified and overpriced.

Most of the ideas I throw out at folks work. Folks I recommend for jobs get it, investment and professional advice I give almost always works.

I am talented in so many ways that tieing it all togher is scary and daunting. I have a 120 page manuscript that is loaded with laughter, sex, love, youthful abandon. I need it edited and marketed under a pseudonym- I am trying to work in education and prefer not to be tagged a romance author. I have a personal development partnership I want to start, but I am worried I wont get subscribers. Then again when I started this page – I had no clue where it was going and if anyone would even read it – but alas many have. As bad as I have been with posting many still visit the page and even check on me. I am grateful.

All in all, I am giving thanks for everything. I hope to be able to organize myself better and do better.

PS: my kids and I have the flu…its exhausting listening to a 2year old cough all nite. Doctors have prescribed and hopefully we all get better soon.


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  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    Pynk, I left a comment on your last post. I am waiting for a response.


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