Hey everyone how is it going? So sorry for being incommunicado. My family has decided to make big changes which with time will be revealed. I recently made a big physical move which I feel excited and slightly nervous about…but as with all things, an awesome support system and amazing friends and family have made it relatively easy this far.

I am looking forward to the significant opportunities that are already presenting themselves. My life is now a bit manic as I don’t have much help with the kids and I still have my remote job.

Please does anyone know of any willing writers or have ideas on how to keep this blog going? I say that because many days I sit and ask why, when,what who? I have great ideas sometimes and think oh yeah I am going to write a post and then I am pulled in by pizza or burger yelling about something, or everybody crying at the same time.

How have you been? How was your independence day?


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  1. Your stories always is inspiring. I will be waiting to hear this change gist.

    I am a writer, willing to move this blog.


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