New Week….New Opportunities

Good Afternoon all, I hope you had a good weekend? I know I have been a bit wish washy in terms of posting, but I promise you, I have a lot going on- good and exciting things. I am working on updating my skills, being a better me and in essence better for my whole family.

I am working on updating my work skills and just enjoying life. I mean just taking it easy and trusting God to come through in every sense of it. I am working on full time vs side hustle incomes and trying to pick up steam once again.

I have a legitimate question, why do people show of new bags, etc they purchase? I am legitimately curious…or birthday gifts they are gifted? Is it for others to feel jealous or to share in their joy? I have a friend in her 50s who shows off Fendi and co on her Facebook and no she is not Nigerian or African, but she is from one of the poorer Asian countries. Like it’s just a bag, the thrill will wear off almost as soon as the purchase has been made.😏

I wish you a fruitful week ahead.


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  1. Happy to hear from you pynk.
    Well, I feel it’s not sufficient happiness and then we want to show off to validate Ourselves.
    Have a great week.


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