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Good morning everyone. How are you? I opened instagram this morning to realize it is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. You see the thing is I worked in tower 2 on the 72nd floor up till about a week before the towers were brought down. So all my full time coworkers died on that day. I had spent three months prior with these people who taught my 19 year old self so many things. I was upset to be losing an extra week of income as the pay was really good. This event was one that broke me, and I am a bit ashamed to say I have never been back to the site. I am really good at compartmentalizing tragedies, but for how long? I feel like maybe some day a break down may occur. I dont even know what to say…

The message I am going to leave everyone with todah is to live their best life. Whatever it is you want to do, please just do it. I know someone who was a building superintendent who actually got out and her life has never been the same.

We need to learn to just live….and try to live well. Today I want to eat snails- just pepperred snails- not sure where it will come from yet.

Have a blessed week and remember to do today whatever you can that will make you happy.

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  1. Beautiful post , I sure will.


  2. I made it intentional this year to live my best life. Every single day is a blessing and I am living it to the fullest.

    P.S Mrs Pynk its good to read from you again after a long while.


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