Stand for Something

The whole internet has gone off in support of the use of Colin Kapernick as the face of Nike’s 30 year anniversary campaign. Now this is not to say white racists are happy about this, as some of them have even burnt their Nike merchandise while wearing it- I hope they end up with black doctors who wear Nike headbands😂 with their scrubs.

I took a few messages from this whole thing. Despite being blacklisted from the NFL, Colin stood his ground on kneeling for the anthem to protest police brutality. Colin is half black and half white, but as we all know- it means you are black. None of the teams wanted to hire him because of his vocal stance. He lost years of income doing what was supposed to be his job.

Nike designs almost if not all the NFL uniforms….that right there is an epic slap for all the teams who wouldnt hire him. He was also placed on a salary prior to the ad coming out.

You are wondering how this affects Nigeria? Outside of the fact that my life straddles a delicate balance between Nigeria and America, it is clear to say we need to stand in our convictions. We complain about things in Nigeria, but the moment we are able to go on the other side of the divide or are enticed to, we forget what it is we were fighting for.

The most evident in all this is the political cross carpeting. We don’t stand for anything as a collective in Nigeria,and so we are so quick to be self serving.

May we have the grace to be less selfish and stand for something in its entirety.

I stand with Nike, I always have….I saw their Mexico ad and I can tell you the brand works to connect with its audience.


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