Innovation in Corporate Nigeria

I was reading the news today and learnt the Phillipines is encouraging employers to consider a 4 day work weeks. Now the reason behind this is to allow more flexibility and possibly increase quality of life of its populace. I can’t imagine that the Philippines’ busiest city is as bad as Lagos in terms of traffic, stress and other pollutants.

They are proposing 12 hour workdays 4 days a week for people. When one thinks about it, a lot of services can be accessed on a staggered basis – meanin corporate services. I can run off my hands services that are needed 5 days a week. In these circumstances they can stagger the workers- some people work Monday through Thursday, while others work Tuesday through Friday. Everyone ends up with a three day weekend. I say this as Nigerians have refused to embrace work from home enmasse as data is still expensive.

An American school district recently dropped its school days to four days a week due to financial issues. While parents were upset- essentially they had to arrange childcare for their kids for that day, you have to ask why kids need to be in school five days a week.

Are you an employer of labor in Nigeria? Do you observe the 8 hour shift? Are you a worker? Would you rather 12 hour shifts 4 days a week? One also has to keep in mind productivity- I don’t believe long hours equate productivity…

Hope you have a pleasant week ahead.


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