It’s Another September

Hello everyone, how is it going? It’s a new month, September to be exact. A new month to begin again, make new plans, live life if you aren’t already.

As for me I have a lot coming up this September and I hope for a good month for everyone. Major life changes for me, and as usual I am looking forward to most of it. I frankly feel like I am taking my life back.

I have also been watching the global political scene and I can only shake my head. The Nigerian one is a ridiculous mess – folks are crying for Nigeria while picking up party presidential forms. I ask in a blanket statement whatbis it about power thag old African men think its a do or die? Even the youngest most viable of the candidates is a power hungry party swinger. The whole process can be tiring.

On the other hand I want to say, no matter how low or bad things may seem, count your blessings. I spoke to someone who lost her mother at age 6ish around when she developed polio. How society was very unkind to her, she eventually was educated by a caring older couple….she went from living in uncompleted buildings with reptiles to being a graduate. She runs a non-profit and we got discussing how to help those who due to using their hands to move themselves around have lost function in their hands. One thing I walked away with is to always be grateful. I have pledged to help her in whatever ways I can, I owe it to God. Nigeria is certainly not a place to be poor and disabled.

How are you? How is your September?


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  1. Happy September ma, may this new month bring fulfilment and success. Cheers…


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