Good Morning

It’s a new week. One of my favourite politicians died this past weekend and it made me wonder about several things. This is a man that for all he has been through is able to openly admit when he is wrong and ask for forgiveness. Despite coming from a family of tremendous influence refused to use his priviledge even in his darker hour. This is a man who endured five years of physical torture and was unable to lift his hands high enough to comb his own hair until his death. In all, he forgave…despite having explosive anger issues, all those who know him spoke well of him as a decent human being who always tried to do right.

My question to myself and all of us is this, what will be said about you when you go? Do you live for yourselr only? I struggle with this in terms of public service and just focusing on working and keeping my coins- the Nigerian environment is not helpful to living a life dedicated to honest public service. I leave you with the quotes below about and from Senator John McCain. May he rest well and I for one can say heaven has gained a dignified angel.


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