Happy Sallah

Hello my people, Barka de Sallah and a happy Sallah to you. Hope everyone is resting? I am torn between laying in bed and going to the gym….I will probably go. I want to share what strick me this morning when I turned on my phone.

You may ask why this struck me? You see I have come to conclude I am a woman of many talents, but with a very short attention span. I can write a book within 3 days, I can crochet blankets in less time, I can create strategic business and continuity plans in a week, I am learning to sew, I am driven by social enterprise/non-profit work etc. I have many gifts and due to my ability to be interested in multiple things at the same time, its hard for me to focus long enough one something to give it my full attention.

I was in a conversation with my SIL and we did agree I have a lot going on and if care is not taken, I won’t get anything done. This is where I struggle; in the middle of writing this blog post- my mind has wandered off to a million and one places. In saying so, I have decided I will attempt to create a timetable for myself. I refuse to be this talented and continue to struggle without putting out my work and earning from it.

I saw the post above on instagram and I realised I could create my own set of ideas that would very easily address this challenge. I even gave the person who posted it ideas- to tell you how quickly my brain works. I just need to organize my brain into segments😂. Some days I want to do absolutely nothing and on other days i want to conquer the world.

Do you ever have such conflicting feelings? And have you taken stock of your gifts? A lack of perfection doesnt mean its not a gift. For a long time, I never considered myself a writer, but I have written 3 books now. While these books need work in terms of sentence structure and a few things; it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a gift. I do very well with business and academic writing, but I struggle a bit with creative writing.

Please share your gifts with us. Are you struggling on what to focus on?


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  1. No right now I’m not struggling on what to focus on. Just struggling on building my human relationship skills and struggling with my laziness to actually concentrate lol. I think I’m getting better though.


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