Ever Wondered

I saw this on someone’s page this morning and I truly wonder about Nigerians as a whole.

Now my thought process is this- church folks are generally nice in church on sundays. So are Muslims on Fridays. Given the religiousity of Nigerians, who then are the assholes that roam around during the week?

I implore you, if you are them or know of them, it’s time to change. In my life the one or two people that have tried to destroy me (I dont use the word destroy lightly) are overly religious God name callers. When I mean destroy- the level of slander ehn- its not here, and I have generally ignored it because as far as I am concerned giving credence to them just fuels their fire. Their hatred or is it jealousy will consume them faster than anything- for me God sees me and I will always rise.

Personally I am not an avid church goer, neither is my husband. My kindness and approach to life has nothing to do with church, I just strive to be a good person.

This post is just to remind us to be kind, tell the toll gate attendant good morning. Be kind to your domestic staff, be polite to the cashier at the store, be kind to your plantain chips seller. Be kind, be polite.

May you have a pleasant week ahead.

Please is anybody sharing sallah meat? I think I have become such an introvert in the last few years it has gotten ridiculous. Hubby’s birthday is this week and I have only ordered cake😂.

Anyway I am off to the gym…this is my 3rd week working out. I am so happy with my discipline and ability to go 4 days each week. It is changing many things in terms of how I feel.


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  1. Kindness is free, It baffles me when people hoard it like money.
    I feel, people in this category, enjoy dragging other into their misery and will stop at nothing to harm others they perceive are better off than they are.

    I attended a TV show recently. The images of my self from the show were so unflattering, I was looking twice my size. (LOL).

    This GYM discipline is commendable, lets hope you can sustain it.


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