That One Time I got a Check/ Cheque

So I have been doing a lot of mulling in my mind, getting in my own feelings and stuff a lot lately. Like I look back on certain events and people and I am like what was I even thinking.

So it was my birthday – the year was 2010. I had moved backed to Nigeria after 12 years give or take roaming around the world. I had been in Lagos for a month and was “dating” someone I had gone to school with..JSS to be exact.

If you know me at all, the price of a gift has never been a worry for me. The only material thing that I have even given two damns about is an engagement ring. Everything and anything else is negligible. I was also heavily in an ankara stage- all I really wanted to just wear well tailored affordable ankara on an almost daily basis. Any insightful person would have just said buy her ankara. This is stating the obvious.

Dude was hours late to pick me up after different excuses-I am not even sure. We eneded up at some “Chinese” resturant on Opebi in Ikeja. I was already let down, so my expectations were moot.

After dinner, he handed me an envelope with a birthday card and told me not to open it till I got home. I actually for once in my life obliged. Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and saw a check for N100,000. I was like oh damn he tried sha, as per working class and I knew he didn’t make much.

So i called him and asked him why he gave me money, knowing fully well money was not an issue for me. He claimed he didnt know what to get someone who had everything.

Stupid me, I didn’t check the date on the cheque, that was how I took it to the bank and they told me it was postdated for 2 months later. In addition to no birthday gift, this dude was deceptive. I called and asked what on earth I was to do with a post dated cheque. Dude admitted to having no money and feeling under pressure- i halfway concluded he was an idiot, but he claimed he should be forgiven, I was thus the bigger idiot for accepting him back.

Ever since then, I never collect cheque from Nigerians..even from clients. Pay directly into the account.

Post dated cheque that was likely going to bounce anyway. Some people are just mad. Awon Sir Bounce a lot & Co.😂

Have you gotten such before?


2 Comments on That One Time I got a Check/ Cheque

  1. Oh wow.
    I’m short of words.
    This guy sha…


  2. That was super low. Haba,2 months…kilode LOL.

    The Chinese would have just been okay, plus a card.


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