The Struggle is real

Hi everyone, how is it going? I struggle with, and I am often conflicted with putting myself out there. When I say putting myself out there- I mean in terms of making noise about what it is I do.

These days- modesty helps no one. I have considered you tube videos on business, crochet, twin motherhood – you get the gist. In my head, my privacy is important in this conflict. I realize I would probably have gotten a bit further if I wasn’t so conflicted? Maybe, maybe not?

This new generation you have to be active on instagram, twitter – complete with filters etc. I find myself guarding my instagram page, i find myself weirded out when folks i have never met say stuff like OMG I used to read your blog when you were in Dubai etc. It feels like a riot of emotions.

While nobody can tell me how to feel or work out this for me, how do you feel about social media and letting it hang? I mean professionally and personally?

The image below prompted this post.

Image Credit: instagram


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