Still a Beast

Top of the morning to you. I hope everyone had a restful weekend especially if you are in this Lagos. So last week I went back to the gym after give or take four years of being out due to one reason or another. I worked out four days and opted to take it a bit easy as I wasnt even sure what my abilities are.

I think i just got fed up with making the excuses and the break from my kids made me realize I have neglected my own well being. I am now at a point in my life where I am not ashamed to say I lost myself somewhat as I tried to take on mothering twins. To date it has to be one of my biggest admissions which I will discuss on a different day.

This morning I hit the gym and even when they took the light, i really just kept going and swinging my weights and all. I even was dancing to Aliyah’s back and forth. I did my one hour like I haven’t been out of the gym for years.

My point is we always make excuses or worry about the things we are perfectly capable of doing and in the process never get around to doing things we should be doing. Many of us also don’t know how to truly relax and just enjoy life. I am going to try filming a crochet tutorial sometime this week. I also may raffle off a blanket to raise a bit of money for the blog. Please do indicate if you would consider paying for a blanket.

I wish everyone a productive week.


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