Be Amazing

It’s a new week and a new chance to start afresh. Make new decisions, act better towrds people and the rest of all that jazz. If you know me, you know that I love God and I do things for the most part with common sense.

Something struck me yesterday as I attempted to navigate Ibadan expressway. Don’t worry about where I was going.😂. If you know you know.

So there is a massive church at Alapere and when I tell you massive, there were a minimum of 100,000 people at the church. A few things struck me outside of my annoyance at the almost two hours backlog of traffic on the road.

  • The sheer number of people
  • Nigerians level of “religiousity” but how we are so mean to ourselves.
  • The lack of consideration for others – they could have very well staggered the even with less attendants per segment to reduce the stress on others – traffic wise
  • The lack of overall provision for welfare- they were parked on the road with folks carrying babies trying to cross the expressway.

All in all, I some days believe Nigeria is done. Folks are looking to God to come and solve the country’s problems when God is asking we use our common sense.

Its something for thought when you look at less “religious” countries and view their progress. Church as we know it originated from the U.K but I dont even see them causing such inconvenience.

It reminds me of those with church stickers on their cars….the worst drivers of all..they cut you off and drive like they had “devil juice” for breakfast.

On that note have a fantastic week and please be awesome to other.


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  1. Nigeria as we know it needs more. We have stopped looking inwards.

    We need to start talking to the man/woman in the mirror.


  2. Lol @the devil’s juice.


  3. Lol @ devil juice.


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