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I saw this and my heart melted…

I have never really cared for Lebron, maybe because the rest of America worshipped him when he was merely an adult. He got into the MBA fresh out of high school and maybe I was just low key jealous or just classed him with many other athletes. Now in my mind he is a demi god- let me explain.

It takes a lot to carry your paycheck and do things for people who cannot give you anything back in return. I mean people who you are unlikely to ever interact with. Using your money or time to help others does not necessarily mean you dont have anything to do with it, but you see need around you and want to change the narrative.

I respect Lebron and so many others that work for the common good. In a country like Nigeria where we are conditioned to be self serving- there are many seemingly ordinary people doing great work. I will be telling their stories here once I figure out how to do it.

What are your thoughts on Lebron’s actions? How do you give back? If you don’t, why not- asking to understand, not to pass judgment.


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