Delegating is something I have not been so great at lately. As a mom to two toddlers, it has been extremely obvious as I realized I was burnt out before I took time off.

I learn a lot about myself on a daily basis, and I realize I dont have any actual issues with others doing the work, but the trust factor with running a business in the Nigerian space. For instance this website can be so much more, but because I have chosen to go at it alone, it has fallen by the way side.

I have so many great ideas, but Ideas are just that till you can execute them. The lack of delegation simply means I can’t accomplish much alone. I have been able to outsource the care of my kids- in terms of nannies, but I have not outsourced loving them or my husband.

Delegating is a big deal and I firmly believe I am ready, and will be starting with this page. I will continue to write, but I find it extremely difficult to post on instagram, twitter and do so under multiple accounts. I also find it hard to create videos even though I have great ideas on what I want to document.

PS: I will be employing a media intern soon and will post the vacancy here. There will be a monthly token.

Do you have issues delegating?


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