A Reason Why

You know many days I ask myself if I am crazy with the dreams and ambitions I have. Wanting to go into education and coming through with a system that works- one that produces competent adults who can compete globally. I beat myself over and over on matters such as funding, sustaining enrollment and profitability while delivering quality at the barest minimum cost possible.

Everytime I see something on Finland’s education system I always want to cry and wonder why we can’t take a step in that direction positively. And I am truly puzzled with 3 year olds getting homework, 2 year olds memorizing alphabets and not understanding phonetics or is it year 4 students with homework they cannot complete? Even suburbia in America is moving fast away from the heavy homework schedules and encouraging more play and learning through play.

I just keep wondering when as a society we will mature to being able to not equate quality of schools with the amount of homework our children bring home.

I personally belive that any homework longer than a page is an exhibit of inconpetency – homework should reinforce knowledge- not leave a child exhausted because they didn’t learn the basics in school. Yes I said it – IMCOMPETENCE – come and beat me I am in my house.

Teacher training is another kettle of fish- goats cannot give birth to mermaids…so a system that has outdated syllabus and poor infrastructure cannot birth Einstein or any of his cousins.

No I am not lobbying for minister of information, I am just speaking my mind.

Watch the Video below and tell me how warm it makes you feel.

Regrann from @worldeconomicforum – Finnish lessons.


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