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If you know me, you will know that one thing that makes me really angry, sad and possibly violent is child abuse and molestation. I am glad the Lagos state special offenses court has birthed and equally pronounced its first sentence. Sixty years to a child defiler and while it won’t take the child’s pain away, it may deter another. Lagos state has been doing good work with radio talk on child molestation etc.

There are a lot more pedophiles in Nigeria than people are willing to talk about. They say 4 in 10 children globally are abused, I believe the number is much higher and shame and stigma will not allow people to speak openly. I know a few people who have been opportuned to go through therapy, some try to seek solace in God etc.

One thing I will tell any parent is- know where your child is at any point in time and with who. Next thing do not send your child to a Nursery that doesn’t have cctv or one you cannot just pop into randomly. Do not leave your child at home alone with nannies, cctv your house if you have no relative to drop off nanny and child under 3 with.

Lagos state should start encouraging the larger organisations to have on site creches or mandate they rent out spaces to creche and subsidise the cost for workers with children under 3. I think a lot of times we underplay the tragic effects of abuse on children. Once children turn two at a maximum start telling them what is inappropriate touching. It is never too early. Also make sure they know their body parts.

I keep reading of abuses in schools. Parents I implore you to check your childrens schools well. Six year old girls should not be supervised by one male teacher. Every class from primary 1 should have a class assistant who is always in the class with male or female teacher. We cannot leave room for damaged kids and expect healed adults. There are private schools everywhere, but it seems like everyone is in business for profit solely.

How can a teacher molest a 6 year old to the point of doing it so repeatedly he gives her an STD to top it off? Where were the other teachers? What happened to a buddy system with the kids? Nobody questioned why only that child was missing from the group? Do they have that many kids in the class?


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  1. It’s saddening. This things happen on a daily basis, only few are willing to open up.
    God bless Lagos State!


  2. Plenty likes. I don’t trust anybody except my husband. Call me paranoid but I just can’t deal with child molestation. There might be no limits to my actions if….. I’m sure hubby might commit murder also.


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