Training Gone Wrong

So I am like the professional baby sleep trainer. One thing I am proud of is sleep training my children at 3 months. I had stopped breastfeeding at that point, so they were on formula only. Well I tell anyone who is willing to listen how my kids sleep through the nite and are in bed by 7pm and don’t wake up till 6.30am the next morning- yidi Yada.

Imagine the rude awakening when the air conditioner in the nursery went bust. My house is like a sauna these days- maybe its just harmattan. Anyway the AC refused to blow anything but hot air. My husband and I decided to put them in our room. So we let them fall asleep with a fan on in their room and then after about 30 minutes transferred them.

My children refused to go back to sleep. Pizza sat up and looked around, refused to even lay back down. Burger didn’t even pretend. She got off the bed and walked out of the room back into her room.

We turned on the fan, left their door open for cross ventilation and let them sleep in their cribs.

Moral of this story- my kids are so well trained they wont sleep in a strange bed😂. We suffered that day going back and forth with them.

Now I wonder how they will do if they have to travel or spend the night somewhere. Really not looking forward to it.


4 Comments on Training Gone Wrong

  1. How amazing how fast children learn, retain information and quickly develop habits.


  2. Hahaha. Just carry the room along with you. On a serious note, their minds have been conditioned to sleep on their bed in their room. I’m sure you’ve sorted out the Ac. E ku exercise (I mean the back and forth).


  3. Rotfl!!!! Story is funny and cute…imagining it.
    I wish I’d learn how to sleep train or have someone do it for me. Honestly I’m mostly tired these days.


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