Burger Tales

Hello everyone, how is your week going? Mine is good so far, no extra money – just great feedback from happy clients, which almost always leads to referrals. This year I told God how much money I wanted to make, but I am even starting to think it’s too small. I have been very busy this yeat compared to last year. I have clients sending me midnight what’s app messages to hold their space as they are panicked I will take on clients and reject their work. I am grateful.

We are having a challenge with burger in terms of names. She calls me papa and she calls her twin sister her own name “burger” when she is calling or talking to her. If you say give this to mama or pizza she gives it to the right person. Maybe Pizzas name has too many syllables. She says words like lizard, donkey, outside etc without much struggle so I am not sure what is going on. Maybe I just have high expectations for 19 month olds. Has anyone experienced this? I suspect she will grow out of it. She is also a bit of a bully- heck a lot of bully. She rushes and grabs things from her older twin; who is ever willing to share.

I am “badanamu’d” out from the weekend. I know I am an agbaya- but badanamu is the ish please.

We started braiding hair last week, but we have to braid every two day due to hair textures. I like not having to comb and style their hair everyday though. One of the nannies braids while I bribe them with cheerios. Their dad hates “shuku” but its the quintessential baby girl hairstyle….even I wore a lot of it once i turned 5 and my hair was stable enough to braid. Also i think I over trimmed burgers hair- so its a bit shorter than pizzas….


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  1. Chrisyinks // February 5, 2018 at 13:37 // Reply

    Don’t know much about baby’s development so can’t comment. Week is going good….a lot of tasks to be accomplished.


  2. Thank God for income flow.
    My daughter also mixes up names, like there was a season for papa for her dad and nothing or grandma for me! Now it’s mum for us both!
    See your twins’ fine skin and hair!!! Lovely! I want tips E jo!


  3. My 14month old calls me Aunty Jane. Mean while Aunty Jane is the name of her nanny at the creche…


  4. They are so lovely to behold. Just keep correcting gently/softly…. name mixup and the bullying. It’s normal. She’ll grow past the phase.


  5. I feel they will grow over it.
    Your little cuties are adorable.
    Pynk! Have being searching for your mail address, please help me out. Thank you!


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