So My Daughter Thinks…

As with 19 month olds, one of my daughters burger is eager to point out things in books etc and when I tell her good job, she claps for herself. She also falls or hurts herself, she tells herself sorry.

Put mildly burger is a drama queen. Even after she is dressed if you don’t tell her she is so beautiful she won’t tell you thank you. She touches Pizza’s hair and says things like “so cute”.

Two days ago, my daughter picked up a newspaper yelling grandpa grandpa. She was pointing at Dangote😂. Thank God none of her grandpas were there because they may have felt slighted. So now burger thinks Dangote is her grandpa. I am not going to correct her either.

Pizza- Twin A

Burger- Twin B

Have a wonderful week ahead.


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  1. Now we know Burger is gonna be very good at identifying Billions in all she does.

    Lets get in touch with Dangote.


  2. chrisyinks // February 5, 2018 at 13:40 // Reply



  3. LOL!


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