“Oh My God there is poop on my arm, you didn’t clean Burger’s butt well”. That was the accusation levelled at me this morning by my husband at 7.30am.

I actually overslept when I went back to sleep for 1 hour pere, and heard my kids screaming on the monitor at 7.20am. Burger is potty training now, even though she prefers to pee on the floor instead of the potty. She is good at annoucing she has “paw paw” when she does though.

He goes in before me and tells me he thinks she pooped. I asked her and she held onto her crotch and told me. So I stripped her down and wiped her up, put her on the potty to see if she pees. Somehow she decided to convince him to pick her up from the potty before I did a final wipe up and got the left over on his arm.

I am sure he will wipe that hand and santize it till it bleeds😂. My husband is a germophobe – he probably owns the most extensive collection of hand santizers I have ever come across. I remember he went to a police station for something once and he spent the day interacting with some people in cells. He came home and took off all his clothes and put in a dustbin bag, asking me if I think he should keep them or just pour dettol on it. We had the drycleaner dryclean the clothes 3 times.

We had a fridge that grew mold on the rubber and he was trying to throw it out. After i cleaned it with bleach and hotwater, I noticed he refused to eat that whole day. He showed up with a new fridge the next day.

My husband changes the twins diaper except it’s poop, so today he got caught with sh*t on his hands literally. It was funny to me.

PS: all moms have been pooped on before.


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  1. Lol. I loved this.


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