Update on Time Off

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well? I have been off for about a month now, and I seem to have accomplished quite a few things. I have written two childrens books, one adult one – all at varying stages of editing. I don’t know which will make it to publishing. I have also done quite a bit of actual work for a few clients.

I have gone over my growth since I started this blog and I can honestly say this- I have had a 180 degree change along the way. I have thought about closing down the blog as I don’t know that I can continue to serve the type of content I used to produce in the past. My interests are changing, my pursuits are also, likewise I spend more of my time with my kids as a work from home mom.

Put simply my interests these days are raising wholesome children through mostly positive interactions (feeding, play, care, social graces, language etc). I am also very conscious about raising female children through positive interactions and reinforcement. I am working on marrying these interests without compromising my family’s privacy. This is very important to me.

Feeding is my mom’s domain- so I want to work with her on producing an affordable but fun cookbook for kids- she has done child nutrition for 40 years and loves to do it. She was asking if she can get her own youtube channel…my mother is a former beauty queen, so go figure.😂😂

I love books – almost any kind except sci-fi. Don’t ask, because I don’t know why. I have penned my first chic lit book, but have a conflict of releasing it in my name. It has some adult content and reputationally speaking for an aspiring educator- it may not be the way forward. Still trying to work around this.

I have written two children’s books and would like to work with an illustrator, but funding is an issue at the moment. So I will chug along. I also want to write a book about raising twins- my experience and things I thing will be helpful to new mothers..

My unparalleled love for crochet -I want to continue this, but it is time consuming and not very profitable. I am deciding to focus on making childrens toys. They are machine washable which is a great thing for toys. And many are great for feeling and touching- montessori style. My kids love all their toys.

Laslty I am gearing up to take a montessori course – wish me well.

I just wanted everyone to know I didn’t quite fall of the earth. I am very much here, wondering what direction to go in. I consider changing the direction of the site to reflect my ever changing interests, but I ask the question of who will read? Maybe I can just create new sections? Frankly I don’t want to close the site as I have more than enough love from you all- thanks to all that reached out. Finding balance is a bit hard at the moment and marrying all purposes together is another challenge. I am accepting suggestions and recommendations as we are all works in progress.

I hope everyone has been well and fulfilling purpose?

I am looking to come back to blogging sometime around December God willing.

Love, kisses and lap dances.

Ms. Pynk


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  1. @The books: WOW! Wow wow wow! That’s awesome Miss Pynk. Abeg if that’s what time off results in, take some more months even though we miss you. Looking forward to reading the books. I hope all of them make it to publishing.
    @Closing down the blog: Please don’t. Make adjustments and create new sections to reflect your current interests. We’ll go with the flow.
    @Your mum and YouTube: Yes! Yes! Yes! Why not? Former beauty queen…interesting. The cookbook is a good idea too.
    @Your chick lit book: You can publish under a pseudonym, not so? We still don’t know who NSG is.
    @Montessori course: All the best.

    Cheers to consistent growth, cheers to more books, cheers to you. Wishing you lots of love, fulfilment and dough. See you in December.


  2. Love, kisses and lap dances eh? That made me chuckle . I would love to read the chick lit book so count me in whenever you release that also the book on raising twins. Your mum could just be the next youtube sensation-you never know.
    Congratulations on all the things going for you Ms Pynk.


  3. Hello Ma Pynk!
    I just remembered I haven’t read your blog in the longest time and I’m so glad I remembered. You have accomplished a lot. I would love to read the chick lit book so pleeeease get it out under a pseudonym or something.


  4. I like the vibe from this post: very lively and kind of motivating. Well done. It couldn’t have been easy doing all these things you’ve written. I look forward to reading more from you.


  5. Sisi Pynk, feels so good to hear from you. I have been refreshing weekly hoping you’ll drop a line or 2. Please do not close down the blog…just be patient, take some more time off if you need It, but always come back and drop a post, will always love to read from you. A cookbook is an awesome idea, especially coming from a professional.
    I just started taking a Montessori diploma course; time consuming and tasking, but oh so interesting and practical. I absolutely love it and hope to make a great impact.
    Your life is so full of meaningful activity, and it’s an inspiration. Thank you.
    Do take care until we read from you


  6. We cant wait to have you back….from my interactions with you, your mind is beautiful and you have so much within you to share with the world.


  7. Great to hear from you Ms Pynk!
    And that’s a hell lot of achievement done in such a short while! Well done!

    Lucky you to be able to work from home! I envy you that!

    Looking forward to seeing your final work!

    Love and light!


  8. Hi Miss pynk!!!

    Please come back already… Miss you loads. I wish you well and pray your plans go well. DON’T STOP BLOGGING, ciao


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