Giveaway Wednesday

Yes it has been a while….but let’s make a comeback or at least try…lol

This week’s giveaway is a peachy goldish dress from Cachett Size 8 U.S. Perfect for church or a simple wedding (unless you are a slay queen)…lol.

All you have to type is “I WANT“.

Please remember you can bid on it for your girlfriend, mom, sister etc. It’s a nice dress but my new mummy body makes it look a bit trashy on me.

Delivery for the dress is only within Lagos Island- Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Marina, Obalende. You can always use a proxy to receive it.

Giveawy ends Tuesday 12 September at midnight.


Ps: ignore my photography skills, I am feeling lazy.


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  1. Just here to say hello 🙂


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