Single Tales VI

And She is back…..

Sorry for the break in transmission last week. My heart was too heavy to write. Flooding in Nepal, Bangladesh, Texas, Benue………it’s just too much sadness.If you can help in anyway, please consider it. Some have lost everything.

Single fine boy meets single fine girl,

heavily attracted to each other,

similar backgrounds and values,

shared interests/hobbies,

loads of mutual friends,

both financially stable,

Sounds like a match made in heaven right? WRONG!!!!!

It’s the beginning of the best worst period called situation-ship. I met him at a wedding, he was my match on the dance floor and we danced the night away. We quickly resumed talking on the phone, graduated to going out to eat/drink, attending concerts, hitting the club, working out, the full routine. Yeah I can throw down in the kitchen, so some days it was netflix and chill after I whipped up something tasty with my assistant by my side ready to help.

Had that floating feeling. We talked about everything and it felt easy. We would take turns playing our fave songs and giggling about the memories each song resurrected. Problem was, In all of this, there was always a deal breaker in the middle. We both knew we couldn’t be together, but letting go didn’t seem like a better option.

We said we would be together until someone found another. The journey lasted a year and then he found HER. Letting go was hard. I finally understood how women became mistresses, cos they couldn’t let go. He had her, and I had no one. With everything in me, I did what I had to do to fix things. I went cold turkey and shut him out.

Recently he reached out and I responded. (Time truly heals wounds). He wants me to be happy. He actually tried to hook me up with someone (an associate) but too awkward to work. Thankfully he’s moved out of town so there’s a healthy distance between us. Goodbye to the best 1 year, No other comes close.

Been in a great situation-ship that had to end? Religion was our deal breaker, what was yours?



My own take….

As for the natural disaters its hewrt breaking to watch, I have just turned off my tv. I am gathering info and will post on here when I figure out the actual reputable relief organisations.

Religion has never been a deal breaker for me as I am not particular about the whole set of practices. I have been fortunate to marry a Christian however I have dated a few non- strict muslims in my past.


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  1. I think most people have been in a situation-ship before. mine ended because the timing was wrong (we both wanted different things at the same time). last last you’ll be alright jare.


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