Secret Keeper

That’s how I was busy minding my business in the last 24 hours or so and my messaging apps go off. If you know me well, you would know I would rather chat than actual phone conversations. It’s just me.

Two different totally unrelated people decided to tell me secrets. I am wondering now if I look like a secret keeper. Secret keeping is a burden and I don’t want biko.

Secrets I have learnt are best taken to your grave but often times folks are so burdened by them they need to share. Secrets are what frenemies use to attempt to destroy folks and stuff.

For me I don’t think I have secrets at this point in my life. I do mostly confide in my mother because I feel she is the most likely person to protect me if things hit the fan, God forbid. Otherwise I take all else with a grain of salt especially in this Lagos where folks are competing against you even when you didn’t sign up for the race or even get the memo there was a race.

Are you a secret keeper? Or sharer maybe?

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  1. I tend to live an open life so I don’t really have any secrets….helps me because the other party keeps track of my life for me, lol. On the another note, life tends to confound me sometimes, and hearing friends or trusted acquaintances remind me of my convictions, past, and beliefs (often told during my own secret sharing session) helps steer me in the right direction.

    Secret Keeper, I’ve had people confide in me and to the best of my discretion, I guard such information.


  2. No secrets here. Dont need stress in my life


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