Dansaki Re

If you have ever heard the song “Dansaki” by Lara George you may understand my current mood. You see there are periods in my life where I am like a record player with one tape. I have been singing this particular song for over two days or so now.

The thing with me is that between my dreams and carefree attitude most of the time, God shows me what he wants to do in my life. If He doesn’t show me, he graces me with the understanding that something big is coming.

I am at the brokest and least disciplined point I have ever been in my adult life. The only things I am disciplined about are the twins and on some days my husband. Outside of that, I have been dodging some of my consulting clients and it makes no sense because I could use the money. Some days I think I may be depressed and I am like nah stop lying- you are just lazy.

Before I got pregnant I think it was August or September 2015 for the whole month my only prayer was “thank you Lord” in Jesus name Amen! I mean like literally for that whole month I would say this like 10x. I didn’t offer God praise otherwise and I could never remember to ask for anything at prayer time, so I just kept saying thank you.

PS: I dreamt I had twins way back in 2011 and I dreamt my first child was a girl who looked like her father in I think 2004. Those manifestations God showed me long before and I have learnt beyond a doubt to believe what he shows me.

I have many things in my life but I don’t have some of the things my heart most desires. I am beyond grateful so I will continue singing Dansaki because I am acknowledging him for what he is.

In the meantime- yall continue to enjoy sallah ram. I don’thave muslim friends it seems or I have just become a recluse. The logistics of leaving my house is just exhausting especially as I refuse to leave my kids with the nannies unsupervised. I need to get out more and socialise with the world sha. Maybe I will pick up steam and be gingered.

Meanwhile I need new music sha…I deleted all my music by mistake and no back up. What to do?

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  1. Me and you are same, I simply don’t have friends. Recluse alert. Specially being in a new town makes things harder. (Note I’ve been in said “new town” for 4years now ) I still see it as new, you can’t tell me nothing. So no wallah nothing for me too.

    Thanking God is still better than always asking without saying thank you.


  2. Love the song too. Love Lara George too…..for some other reason.

    Looking for new songs, try this youtube link of the latest 100 Christian songs (September 1, 2017). Been listening to it for like the past 10 hours.



  3. I love this song,it gives a vibe on how grateful you are and how much you just want to keep saying thank you. Miracle worker by nathaniel Bassey & Glowreeyah is another song i love,i play it over and over again everyday. You can never go wrong in giving thanks.


  4. I totally relate with this post
    but in all? God’s Will be done


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