Single Tales V

Blast from the past….. Happy Tuesday people. It’s your girl back with a serious blast from the past. I’m not much of a facebook user, but every now and then facebook shows up and definitely shows out. So the other day I was gisting with a few friends from Nursery/early Primary school (yes I’m in touch with more than a handful of baby buddies).

One of my friends asked about my 2 nursery school boos. Where are they now? I know what you are thinking… do we remember anything from nursery school? And how did I have 2 dudes acting out “the girl is mine” before Monica and Brandy had a go at it. We are special like that.😂😂😂😂So I had these 2 guys chasing this babygyrl around (they were best friends). They were so competitive; running races after school, showing me test scores/end of semester results, going for lead roles in plays,etc. The winner of each round always had this extra confidence that I would give in. I would be there cheesing my life away.

Sadly both of them left in Primary 1 and 2 respectively and puppy love romance was over. So as my friend asked about them, I figured i’ll check them out on fb. Babyboy 1: I couldn’t find (he has 2 english names as first and last name. It was impossible to narrow it down) Babyboy 2: I couldn’t find either. However, we grew up in the same area. Our fathers worked together, we lived about 10 minutes from each other, and our older siblings were friends. I searched for his siblings, found his older brother who gave me his fb name(one of those random names noone would have guessed) I search for dude and Lordddddddddddddddddddt am I in for the biggest surprise. Dude is foineeeeeee as heck. Think 6’2, caramel, beard gang, 6-pack and the prettiest smile ever. I’m like dang, let me slide in his dm quick. I keep it simple “hey, this is babygyrl4lyfe from xxx nur/pry, got your info from your brother, don’t know if you remember me but figured i’ll say hello” He replies “Omg… can i forget the girl I chased throughout my early childhood. Fine babygyrl4lyfe. Last memory I have was me chasing you around my compound on my 6th birthday” He drops his digits and we quickly add each other on whatsapp and facetime.

It’s been a few weeks now, and we’ve been playing catch up, video chatting and all. He’s an engineer (his brain is still sharp), personal trainer on the side (I just want to rub that 6-pack), soul brother (he is deep✊🏽) and best of all he is single (yayyyyyyyu), but lives in another country (😭😭😭😭😭). Good news is i’ll be traveling to his region in a few. He’s so excited and has promised to take a few days off to come visit me in a neighboring country. I can’t lie, I’m super excited.

Meeting up with my puppy love after 25 years. Trust me to deliver a follow up story after my trip. No expectations, just 2 friends meeting.😜😉😊😜 Did you have a Nursery/Primary/Secondary school puppy love? Have you run into them? Any sparks fly? Share…..

Signing out, Issababygyrl4lyfe


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  1. chrisyinks // August 22, 2017 at 11:08 // Reply

    When she says ‘no expectations, just 2 friends meeting’……lol. Sha travel and bring back the ring.

    Quite interestingly, as far back as primary school (that’s how far my memory is reliable), I always had some sort of crush for any lady in my class called Ebun. Incidentally, they were always somewhat better than me in my academics and I guess their brains was a major point of attraction to me. I remember crushing on an Ebun in Primary 1 at Yetunde Brown, Ikeja; changed schools and skipped primary 2, then in Primary 3 in my new school till primary 5 I also had another Ebun. Pleasingly, in primary 4/5, we had this teacher (he was sacked later) who forced all pupils to write love letters to other students in the class….of course my first choice was Ebun…..but some other dude beat me to it. In secondary school, also had another Ebun who for some reason I wasn’t attracted to. Had some holiday lessons I did during the long break and met another Ebun who I liked; then changed secondary schools and still had another Ebun who I crushed on. Only met the last Ebun from secondary school a few years back and she couldn’t even remember me crushing on her (loud cries). Haven’t met any Ebun since then, but I’m all good now.


  2. All my former puppy loves turned out disappointing! Lol
    Giiiirl…I’m a sucker for love stories. I’m rooting for you and Mr Man! Hope he turns out as great as he seems.


  3. Chris did they send Ebun’s to you? Sha send us wedding invite for you and an Ebun’s big day..

    @Frida i’m a sucker too. My sister married her sec school secret admirer/close friend. They are super cute together. Have a few high school friends that married classmates. It’s like you don see each other finish. No surprises.

    Patiently awaitinf the part 2 of this story.


  4. Lol…..patiently waiting to see how it goes.


  5. Lols, had one primary school chaser who always helped roll my socks back up when they slide down. interestingly, we were both left handed so our class teacher always made us sit together cos sitting with a right handed person would cause our elbows to hit each other. Saw the dude some years ago back then when yahoo messenger was the it thing, guy still looked like he was not done with puberty and worse part, i was taller than dude. Let’s just say all his toastings just got caught up inside yahoo messenger.


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