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I always ask myself what difference I have made in the world. I always ask how do I contribute. I have always told myself if I get recognised it should be as a professional, not for how I look or the lifestyle I live. Right now there is no lifestyle sha.

A few people have asked me why I don’t have a youtube channel or an instagram page for my kids etc. And I lean towards the idea that having twins is not an accomplishment, being pretty isn’t one either…the things you accomplish as a person are those you strive towards- your career, your education etc. Sometimes I think this blog/site has given more notoriety than I care for…but then again it’s all just me. I am not keen on being famous…and I am not sure why.

I commend folks who share everyday tasks and lives, and attempt to or actually make a living out of them. I doubt my life is really that interesting…Many days I also feel like I have no business giving advice and there are days I feel like I am Jesus’s right hand woman😂 and he has sent me to deliver a message.

I worry about oversharing- my pages are private and I control the images I share. I curate my life- not seemingly for perfection but to limit peoples ability to put the pieces together and retain a level of sanity and privacy. Being over-open has hurt me beyond my imagination in the past and it has also helped me heal.

Before I rant on and on- I will leave you with this picture below…please share your thoughts.


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  1. I am totally with you on this one. We are in the age of oversharing,where people would rather take pictures of accidents victims on accibent sites instinctively rather than help. And I blame the camera phones then the social media. Nokia 3310 and Trium handsets didn’t have cameras and the whole had peace. Businesswise,it is okay to have a YouTube page of your products and not necessarily of your face. I think your instagram business page is just fine. Not to be a spoilsport,but i feel the overexhibition of kids,accomplishments on social media bothers on ‘show offism’and not on any sense of accomplishment. At same time,SM helps businesses especially the start-ups.


  2. The quest to stay relevant and the desire to show off and giving a false representation of who we are in SM is alarming.

    We are fast losing ohr humanity. The things one sees on social media these days leaves ones mouth agape.

    What I now find mist disturbing is the unwanted display of dead bodies splashed everywhere with little or no dignity.
    The first impulse people have these days is to make a video or a picture of someone on fire rather than find a way to help.
    This generation is fast losing it.
    Young people now post videos of themselves committing suicide, rape, etc.

    What is celebrated are mostly unedifying things. Nothing to learn from.

    Thank goodness we still have sane poeple trying to change the narrative and making the most of social media to change lives. Indeed SM has also done so much good. The kind that are hard to ignore.
    Pynk, you are not doing badly in your quest to make a difference. With the little you have you are changing lives already.


  3. I agree with Clare that YOU MS PYNK, are making a difference….you may not realise how much your blog has helped people. For instance, your dear young woman series is inspiring….even your random musings have taught me a thing or two.

    The social media thing is a double edged sword. Sometimes, it’s in chronicling one’s everyday life that one makes a difference in other people’s life…and not necessarily by the extraordinary things. This is because being ordinary makes one relatable.
    I really do not like social media celebs who use their popularity to show off possessions. However, I’ve come to learn to realise that everyone has something to teach me so I learn to take the positives…and overlook whatever I find displeasing.
    For instance, there’s a particular instagram celeb who I felt was a show off, but by sharing her pregnancy story,she unknowingly helped me while I was going through a near miscarriage and difficult pregnancy. Anyone who had ever being through it knows that a miscarriage is a painful and lonely experience.

    I’ve also learnt a lot about weight loss, hair care, child care , food recipes etc from a lot of these social media personalities who chronicle their everyday lives.
    The key is (as you say) to strike a balance, don’t give too much away.


  4. Not sure I have a great deal to say on the topic, but I just would like you to be more grateful for the things you DO have. You often downplay a few things in your life, but you should know that it’s OK to be grateful and proud of some of the things you do have. Don’t just shrug it off and take it as happenstance. Do take a moment every now and again to be grateful, and SHOW those around you that you are really grateful for them. I’m not sure if I’m communicating what I feel. But just as one (of quite a few I can pick out from reading your blog silently) – you can go to that post where you talked about wanting another wedding cermony, or marking your anniversary or something like that. Before you gave your reasons for wanting to do so, you said something along the lines of “It’s not because I…”… basically, my point is you should know that it is OK to show that you are very grateful that for some reason, you are the lucky one to have some things in life that you do have. Just felt like sharing that. Sorry, I got nothing on the question itself… cheers.


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