SIngle Tales IV

“Hello good people. Thank you so much for the love and prayers from the last post. Very much appreciated. 😘😘😘😘

Today I shall tell the story of Mr. Yoruba Demon.

So my girl hits me up to invite me to a 40th birthday party. She’s one of my fancy friends, so I know this party will definitely be lit.

It’s a house party but mennnnnnn, nothing is ever simple about this babe. I figure I’ll take my chances going for the over dressed look rather than end up looking like the nanny. I give them full baffing up, I’m totally feeling my self and engage my sis in a quick photo shoot before I leave the house.

Party time. Whoop!whoop! I walk in and boyyyyy am I grateful I went with the “dress to the T” option. Great food, great music, everyone is having a good time. I told y’all I’m a dancing machine. I hit the dance floor like its no  joke. Return of the Mack, This is how we do it, romantic call, 90’s Jams are just giving me serious life.

Fast forward, its almost the end of the party, one dude steps up to me and let’s me know he’s been watching me all evening and I got some moves. I’m far from a snob, so I graciously thank him for his compliments. We get to chatting, he’s visiting from out of town, he is family friends with the celebrant, blah blah.

I’m about to uber home (I don’t drink and drive), he offers to drop me off, he’s going my way (I live in a complex so no worries he’s not figuring out my actual unit). We chat some more on the way home, exchange numbers, a hug and goodbyes. Next thing, bros wants to come inside for tea. Na player, not happening.

Dude resumes the usual. Calling/messaging good morning, afternoon, evening, how was your day P. Something seems off about him. He’s not clear on what he does for a living, won’t say his last name, I’m like you on some “odu ish”😳😳😳

I start avoiding his calls/messages, but it does not deter him. Dude I’m celibate, uninterested in dating and have wayyyyy too many friends. Really no space for you (my gut just told me dude was danger).

He calls one day, that ah ah, I should give him a try, let’s take a quick trip to Mexico. It’ll be relaxing, we’ll get to know each other better, blah blah. I’m not traveling with anyone I don’t know their last name. Boom he drops it.

Yes yes y’all I’m the queen of google. I Hit up google and linkedin but I’m not finding much. Hit up fb and see a babe with same last name, and in the same city as dude. Open fb page. “IssaMarriedMan”. 5 years married, 2 beautiful kids and a wife full of praises for her scum of the earth husband.

I debate whether to screen shot and send to him with all the yoruba abuses I know. But why bother? He knows who he is already. So I block his number from call/texts, block whatsapp, block snapchat, all in the middle of a conversation with him. I just can’t.

At least no disappointment on this end cos my “gut” had always been screaming runnnnnnnnn. I was tolerating him so I won’t have to hear the “don’t be picky and proud, you didn’t even give him a chance” speech.

Another lost cause, a girl is back to 0 prospects, but life is better single than with a liar liar👖on 🔥 fool.

Been in this situation before? Did you confront the guy or babe, or just let it go and charge it to the game?”



This babe is giving us weekly gist….I almost feel like I am sitting on her shoulder as she deals with these people….lol

Please note the site is accepting submissions – I have quite a bit going on, and I am also partly lacking in motivation… so please keep them coming.

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4 Comments on SIngle Tales IV

  1. And interesting read. You are definitely a sharp babe, and there’s no missing out on Mr. Right when he shows.


  2. chrisyinks // August 14, 2017 at 16:41 // Reply

    Nice approach to handling the situation!


  3. There is fire on the mountain, run run run
    A big big fire, run run run

    Chai it won’t have been bad to blast the guy. But sometimes dissapearing can be more painful. Let him be cracking his head up and down wondering what went wrong.


  4. FavouriteShades // August 15, 2017 at 12:55 // Reply

    If only more people would listen to thier instincts, we would hear less of stories that touch

    I like the way you handled it, confronting him might have gotten messy


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