Single Tales III

“Today I was going to tell you guys about my interaction with a real life yoruba demon, but that will have to wait. See i’m usually a confident, happy, welcoming, loving person (words my friends have used to describe me, not me making my head swell).

In fact you can call me the life of the party. But today, I don’t seem so happy. It’s my vulnerable day. I have this kind of day here and there. It could be triggered by watching a corny lifetime movie, strolling around the subdivision and seeing grandparents holding hands, loved ones in the airport saying goodbye or simply just me wanting to be held.

Today I just want to be held. I want to pillow fight with my cutie in bed. I want to make pancakes and smear flour over boos face as a joke. I want to plan a trip filled with all the things that excite me and boo. But like Tommy(In martin), I ain’t got no boo. So here I am taking a walk down memory lane. Was that ex really that bad? Could I have managed? Is happiness overated? Should i have just settled for that annoying toaster?

Is it my fault that all the past relationships failed? I want to read a verse to lift me up, say a prayer to lighten my heavy heart. I want to blast some independent woman jam to ginger my swag, recite my accomplishments to myself to remind me i’m a catch. But today I’m unable to do so. Its going to be a bad day…arggggghghj!!!

But wait, whatsapp message coming in. My friend of 29 years just sent me the sweetest message. I was on her mind last night and she wants me to know she said a sweet prayer for me to be blessed with a man that’ll never dull my fire. 2 hours later, my fave aunt sends me a whatsapp message too. “Waiting for my best guy is the best thing I can do now.” She’s said a prayer for God to speed things up so she can come and rock with me sha.

😂😂😂😂How can life be bad when i have these kind of folks on my team. With these kind of soldiers on my team, mo yeye man fit pass their prayers. Yeah i actually smiled. I’m in good hands. In the end, it will be alright. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end. Off to work I go now, time to grind and make some paper. Peace of mind and happiness over everything………..”

signing out, Issababygyrl4lyfe😘😘 P.S: I promise I’m not depressed, just random lonely days. No clinical help is needed in this case. Thanks pple.


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  1. Your last paragraph made me smile. We’ll all be amazed at the number of people praying for us in their closet, just that most don’t disclose. Keep being happy, he will come.


  2. I know that feeling…wondering if an ex was Mr right and if you made a hasty decision concerning him…most times you made the right decision. ..he’s an ex for a reason.
    Your Mr right is on the way, just keep using this period of your singleness to your fullest advantage.


  3. Peace of mind and happiness over everything, so true. Saying a short prayer for you right now that your MR Right will locate you before September 2017. Xoxo..


  4. chrisyinks // August 9, 2017 at 14:22 // Reply

    joining the bandwagon of those saying a sincere prayer for you….it’s the least I can do for a confident, happy, welcoming, loving person (words your friends have used to describe you).


  5. I so get this, some days have me feeling like why did i even break up.Days that all you seek is an emotional connection with that special person.
    saying a prayer for you,Jesus got us.


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