A Struggle

You see many times we struggle with things that just don’t make sense. I struggle with writing a book…like a complete book. As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to write a book. I have owned countless blogs – well maybe like 5 at this point and written on an almost daily basis. Kind people like you read some of the literal sh*t that I actually write…thank you!

In essence I am already a writer…so to speak. In what capacity is another kettle of fish. I write like 3 chapters and abandon stuff. It’s not the experiences I don’t have, maybe I just need to work on my discipline. I have a rich chest of experiences to write from- at 35 I have lived in like 5 or so countries, visited possibly about 30.

Been in many Good and bad relationships and one or two downright horrid ones. I have made money that I had very little business making when I made it, and I have equally lost tons of it through investment decisions that were not fully thought out. I have worked and lived in war zones, slept in brand new spanking hotels- abandoning my own residence which was a hotel at the time.

Oh let’s not forget the time I got arrested in Malaysia or the time I jumped out ot a bathroom window in Thailand stories for many other days. Or the time I barhopped so bad in Istanbul with a bunch or random Americans who we were all staying in the same hotel in Taksim square and how we road the metro like looneys. Or the day I had a backpack full of money- well clothes were mixed in with the $1million I was carrying from Arifjan in Kuwait to Basra Iraq and the shinook helicopter I was flying in was getting shot at and the idiot next to me vomited on me and I had to hold him up by his bullet proof vest so he wouldn’t choke on his vomit and die mid air for one whole hour! Or when we went and stole sugarcane from a farm in my moms village in Jamaica and they caught us? Oh yes and I walked through Saddams presidential palaces-numerous ones and have seen opulence

I have the material to write a book, I don’t doubt it, but is it a fear of overexposure that is holding me back? Maybe its that no one will buy the book!

I want to tell you this morning that fear is the killer of joy, fear is the killer of mobility, fear is a big killer or success. Fear and failure are beast friends….i am sitting here just in awe of what I can do with what I already have and I have done nothing with it.

What’s your story? What do you struggle with?

Happy Monday I wish you a fearless weak ahead.


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  1. Ms pynk!!! You have truly lived. Gosh your wealth of experiences and adventure is amazing. My life is a tad bit boring. Medical school everyday with some random shenanigans here and there. In another life i most assuredly will be an art student. Still grateful for life and the things med school has opened my eyes to.
    On another note, who is going to take me on their next travel?


  2. Ms Pynk, should we work on writing this book together?

    No, there wouldn’t be overexposure; just the right amount of sharing. Yes, people will buy the book.

    Why were you carrying $1 million in the first place?

    For some reason, I thought your mum was Russian.


  3. I second Iyanu!!!

    Ms Pynk…please do us all a favour and write that book already. I’ll be the 1st to buy it.
    With your wealth of experience, you don’t need an overactive imagination, all you need to do is tell us a story of your life with a pinch of salt and pepper thrown in!


  4. In answer to your question. I’m in the middle of making huge steps in my career which will involve leaving my comfort zone and heading towards the unknown. It will also involve me uprooting my young family who have decided to embark on this journey with me.
    Sometimes I get so scared at the enormity of the task ahead of me..but I’ve come to realise that the time to act is now and the only way is forward. I’d rather faint from exhaustion to achieve my dreams while I’m still young than live a life of regret.
    So right now. ..I struggle everyday to study for the truckload of exams before me…combining it with work and family life. It’s not easy but it’ll be worth it by God’s grace.


  5. Do it! What I’ve learnt this year is that our greatest fear never materializes!


  6. Oh do write the book, I will definitely buy two copies!You have the wealth of experience,just substitute the names of the characters and tell us the stories of all your escapades.
    As strange as it may sound,i am actually afraid of success and failure at the same time. I am in the food business, my product is good yet I am afraid to go all out because I will lose control with expansion and might not be able to churn out the best. Yet, not going all out is gradually killing the business which is failure in itself. Strange, eh?



    • OE better get the food out. If you cant expand how do you grow? All those people doing food and charging a premium dont have two heads. Just figure out a way to make it worth your while.


  7. I felt like i was reading a book you wrote already Ms Pynk.. just do it already.

    I struggle with going out of my comfort zone its crazy, i pray for opportunities and when i get them i get soo scared i will fail that i let them slip away. Am at a place in my life right now where am confused half of the time because there are so many busineses i want to try but Fear won’t let me


  8. Oh the ways fear paralyzes. It is a horrid beast.

    Fear of failure, fear of loving the wrong one, fear of investing and losing it all, fear of everything.

    At least this year I have broken through the fear that kept me at a horrible job and moved on to better. Now if only the rest will follow.

    pls write your book. It will sell.


  9. Just as Crimson said I already felt like I was reading a book, so do write.


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