Are You Going?

I am not sure whether to laugh, shake my head, or commend them….but drum roll Saudi Arabia wants your money….yes you read that correctly- they want you to come on holiday to their repressive and patriarchal society- well at least for women. They need to work properly on fixing the human rights issues.

So how this is supposed to work? Well you will fly directly into the tourism zone on the red sea, no visa requirement (Naija passport probably will get a Dubai type of Visa). Oh and get this, you can also wear your bikini ladies. Oh yes you can! The Saudis want to compete with the Egypt and Dubai’s of the world….to diversify from oil. I will still pick Dubai and Egypt over Saudi. Muscat over all of them (na money I no get for Muscat waka, hell right now I don’t even have Ghana money lemme be humble)😂

The thing is when many people travel, they want to mix with locals and be free…this model just seems ridiculous. Also have they consulted with the religious police? I wonder if their homegrown terrorists will now get to doing their “work” locally?

If I got an all expense paid trip I would go out of curiosity but I wont be shelling out my own dough.

So who is going to Saudi on Holiday?

You don’t believe me? Read it Here

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4 Comments on Are You Going?

  1. FavouriteShades // August 3, 2017 at 09:47 // Reply

    Saudi Arabia? ermmmm,NO


  2. Curious people will go. I personally won’t.


  3. Loool. ..the latest news coming from European countries about their plans to go green and stop consuming fossil fuels in a decade or two has obviously scared them.


  4. I’ll totally pass. Vacation is for relaxation. Fear fear won’t allow me relax.


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