Someone tried to sell Nigeria on OLX yesterday. I really can’t….meanwhile the leaders are jockeying how to go to London to visit a president who has been gone for two months. Yeah even cnn trolled us sort of. I have stayed away from talking about Nigeria for a while, because frankly it upsets me.

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  1. The monumental decline is sickening. Don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but the future seems bleak.

    The problem with Nigerians in general is inherent selfishness. Once someone finds himself in power, he thinks of enriching his pockets instead of leaving a legacy for his generations.

    I’m sorry for our leaders who feel that because they have the means to fly abroad for a little headache, they can get away with not providing sustainable infrastructure.

    They don’t know that ….they can have fatal accidents on those bad roads they refused to repair…and then die in the hospitals they refused to equip due to poor emergency services. There are some emergencies in which they won’t even make it to their private jets if not treated promptly. Look at how they stopped the ebola crises cos they know that US and UK won’t accept non-citizen ebola patients even if paid in millions.

    The brain drain is another matter. Our brightest and best young people are leaving Nigeria on a daily basis. Who can blame them.

    I weep for this country.


    • chrisyinks // August 2, 2017 at 13:35 // Reply

      well said Frida.

      Very hilarious concept by whoever is planning to sell Nigeria. These days I restrain myself from talking about Nigeria and its many problems. The few times I indulge myself, I try to move away from the unending challenges we face and rather discuss feasible solutions to our issues. It’s clear our leaders are bereft or incapable of creatively solving Nigeria’s challenges, maybe they’d be able to glean from the solutions if we start discussing about those instead.


  2. lmao.. Mad people everywhere!


  3. This is really funny. Quite sad if you look deeply but I choose to see the funny side. I cannot come and die!!


  4. I too am tired of talking about Nigeria. It’s usually sad to do so.


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