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Hello Everyone, how are you doing? How is it going? It’s the weekend.
Becoming a parent has created several questions in my mind especially as to how to train my children to be respectful and contributing members of society. I always ask God to help me train emotionally intelligent, smart, respectful and humble children that will grow into sensible adults. Notice I didn’t say perfect.
One issue that is coming into play as they have turned one is the choice of school. My children are 13 months today and I always assumed I wanted them to go to a particular school. I wanted them to go to school as legacies. The school their father attended – its a high quality school no doubt.
In the last 4 or so months though I have started leaning towards a multilingual school. Which probably ranks similarly in terms of quality as the legacy school. However of course as with all things, I can’t seem to find any sort of proper opinion on schools. All I find online is complaints about cost of schools or articles about “25 most expensive schools in Lagos”. There is no real information about quality or ranking (someone needs to start a ranking business and do it properly – I would pay money for this type of information. To be able to make a proper school decision based on quantitative measures! I picked my university based on US News Rankings).
My question to parents and potential parents, how did you or are you planning to pick schools for your children? What is important to you? Barring cost/affordability.
For me I am interested in quality of care, attention to children (child to adult ratios), proximity to home, quality of the learning process and experience ( don’t teach the kids to memorize or learn a bunch of abstract junk). I am not worried about my kids coming first frankly- to me thats not important…I am more worried about ability to understand, interact and communicate.
I lean towards a multilingual school for several reasons- the more languages you speak, the more comprehensive your thought process (when you can’t understand somehing in one language, you think about it in another – ask Harvard, they have done the studies). Being multilingual has several other advantages and essentially opens up the world to them in almost native ways (being able to speak French makes it far easier to function in France than a non-native English speaker). The downside to the multilingual school is the report comes in one of the languages they teach the kids (So I must learn to read the report before my kids are able to lie to me and read me rubbish)😂


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  1. We certainly live in a multi-lingual society now more than ever and I believe you are thinking in the right direction. Warm greetings and best wishes to you!


  2. chrisyinks // July 28, 2017 at 21:41 // Reply

    Hmmm… tricky one. Disclaimer, not a parent, just an interested blog reader.I reckon working with the criterion of proximity to home would produce just a handful of schools to decide upon. With other criteria added to the mix, you’d come up with one or two schools that would be agreeable to you.


  3. Discovery House Lekki – I think they are multilingual as well, my nieces go there; when they went on a trip to Cameroon, they were able to converse easily

    Corona Ikoyi _ I am not sure of the linguistics here but I do know they provide solid education


    • Iheart heard of Discovering House in Lekki. They are pretty good…but distance. Corona Ikoyi and VI are exceptional schools. All Corona schools are good – it could ve the fact that the school is run by a trust


  4. We share the same interests….also, very clean environment and convenience – I can’t deal with infections from school, especially for the girl child. These interests formed my decision in school choice. I also pray for God’s guidance.


  5. Your criteria minus the Multilanguage has been on my list for what to look out for in school. Thank you for upgrading me. Phc does not offer the variety and quality that Lagos does as regards schools, but I hope to hire a French tutor for my little one. I already try to communicate with him in igbo; I say try because it’s becoming an uphill task considering the fact that he hears me speak English to almost everyone else, and equally hears English spoken on tv, and almost everywhere else. Ive warned my mom and siblings to speak just igbo to hom or get banished. Lol…
    Happy weekend ma’am


  6. Your criteria for picking a school for your kids is a very good one, but like Enjay said you need to look out for a clean environment too. Kids tend to pick all sort from school also how many adults look after the baby class and so on. You dont want to have your kids coming home everyday with all sorts.


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