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So I have been going through what I hope is not a phase, I hope it is long lasting. Given the recession, combined with my current travel limitation- I find myself looking for equivalents of products I used to buy whenever I travelled.

Now some of this started as a subconcious effort. I will explain…my mother is a foreigner and often just bought stuff whenever she travelled. She also has this fear which manifests severally- of being cheated. Nigerians we tend to take advantage of people uneccessarily. Growing up I visited open air markets and noticed that the women gave my mom a different price from what they give say the nanny. A good half of the time, they would converse in Yoruba and decide on a price. As a pocket translator that I was, I would tell my mom what was said.

I remember vividly one summer I was about 14 and I wanted braids, but needed them done quickly, my dad suggested under bridge in Ikeja. So I got dropped off by I think the driver. I had priced and negotiated I think N2k or N3k. My mum was going to pick me up and pay in 3 hours. My mom shows up and asks them what the bill is…the woman said N8k. When my mom shouted why? This same woman now said you can pay N5k. I came and met my mum getting ready to pay. I asked her, when she told me and I told her the price she just gave me the money and walked out.

After such experiences my mom never really goes to look for stuff unless she absolutely has to. Even with like caterers for small events at her house etc – I mke the arrangement. Larger events like weddings my dad does the negotiating.

Or about the time she bought face wash that was refilled with bleaching cream?

This post is about good Nigerian products and or services.
I am looking for a few things

  1. Affordable beauty (hair and make up) products that are effective…someone mentioned El-glittas shampoo (cant seem to find a full list of their ingredients or product reviews).
  2. Clothing- adult and children
  3. Shoes – I need affordable and comfortable leather black flipflops.

Those are the things I can think up for now. If you use good products or sell products or provide services, please leave a comment with product information and possibly where it can be bought. Feel free to advertise your business if you have one.


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  1. Hiya, for hair you could try kui care. i use their hair mist, it keeps my hair really soft and it was just 850. they have other products but i haven’t tried them.


  2. Natural Nigerian is my go to place for hair products and oils. She recently started a makeup line(o have not tried it yet, but it’s supposed to be organic). I love her customer service and professionalism.
    African naturalistas have got me hooked on their deep conditioner.


  3. I use deezaorganics for lotiona and body scrub. Think she also does hair stuff

    I just had leather slippers made for a friend and she loves it. Used this guy

    Sometimes I want to buy naija but quality is really poor. A friend gifted me a purse from one of these naija designers. Bag was $150. I got it and was so dissapointed. Finishing was worse than what you’ll see in payless.


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