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So you see, I always ask the question of where are we? and how did we get here? Lagos especially Victoria Island and the lekki Peninsula areas are just a mess when it comes to rain. And you ask why these areas are not properly dredged and drained. Many areas on the mainland don’t flood except for folks who built houses inside gorges and stuff. VGC has been an ocean since the first day of the rain…Oniru is like a lagoon/Ocean, Victoria Island is another, Lekki na die….

The video below is from SIP

After partying na to commot shoe enter your nice car and pray you won’t float when you get on the road or water enter your engine. The truth is is simple and it is what I have been saying for years…no matter how well you think yoh are doing or have done for yourself, if you live in Lagos we are all poor. “Poverty fall on us” – you can’t enjoy your luxury stolen or earned with the garbage a** environment. 

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Naso life be we still dey enjoy d life

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On that note, enjoy your weekend. Stay indoors and hope your crib doesn’t flood. 

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  1. Lmao @ poverty fall on us… its just too sad,this happens every year and after the rain we live our lives like nothing happened. Sand filling and building houses where there is suppose to be a drainage is a big disaster waiting to happen, i just hope lagos state government will wake and stop being greedy.


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