The World Needs Us All

You see I used to be one of those people that screamed about how untalented/ ungifted I was. How I had no skill etc. In the last five years I have discovered that I am far from untalented. What do I mean?

I have so many gifts I am starting to have the challenge of deciding which is worth pursuing and which I should put on the back burner for now. I will list some of them. 

1. I am gifted with numbers and being resourceful.  I can write and give business advice very easily. I can also break down economic information to a 3rd grade level. I think in elementary terms when I delve into business/ economic matters. I just dislike working in offices.

2. I am extremely resourceful (did I say that before)? I know how to dress my kids very well! I am the queen of absolute casaual and chic without spending an arm and a leg. Many mothers ask me “jamb” questions when it comes to my kids clothes and items. I know how to coupon and compare discounts….my husband is tired of me ( he has excess toothpaste and deodorant)…I even use my points for the expensive diapers….I just don’t see why I should pay more than 50% of the original price for anything. My mom makes me buy her toothpaste and soap when I am stateside.

My kids have clothes till they are two, some 3 year old pieces too. 

My dad asked me why I am not selling affordable childrens dresses yet…lol. just maybe.

3. New mothers keep turning to me for advice. I think this one is not a gift but grace. Folks asking what I feed my kids and what I do with them. My girls did almost everything early and took easily to many things. For this whole year I think I have found my balance in terms of protecting them and letting them explore. My girls eat almost anything I put in front of them from orange to macaroni to amala and ewedu. They also have been hand feeding themselves since they were 8 months. They sat up unassisted by 5 months  (i attribute this to the summer super seat). My girls also crawled by 6 months- we did a lot of tummy time – i used to read to them during tummy time. These two have been walking since 9 months and climbing steps since 11 months. They also run little errands to bring their shoes, cups etc. We are off bottles now, whew! They can point out some things in books- they lick bananas in books too.

My mom is originally a child nutrionist and dietician, so I got a cheat sheet with the food part ..I told her to write a book, but she is trying make me do it. My dad told her to vlog on food and I can put her on here (I am not sold yet, cos I will be the one to shoot the vlog and I dont know if yall wanna hear about food and excercise)!

4. I know how to crochet- I am at the point where I have started reading patterns. I used to be lazy to read and I am getting so good, I am considering raising money to buy yarn to make 100 blankets to donate to IDPs up North. The yarn is what is expensive as I am still recovering financially from having twins and abandoning work for 1.5 years.  

5. I hated thinking of myself as a writer…but guess what? I am a writer…tens of thousands of people monthly want to read what I have to write. I have been blessed to be able to grow an organic audience with original and organic content straight from my heart and mind. I haven’t “bobo’d” you all with fake gist or a lifestyle that I have imagined in my head. Even though I am working on being a yummier mummy- I won’t be showing you my handbags or shoes or outfits because frankly thats jusy ridiculous work and it doesn’t add value to anybody. I don’t know when i last bought handbags or shoes. Speaking of which, If anybody want to dash me black flipflops  (leather) my size is US size 8.5 I think thats like 39 sha. as per my birthday just passed.

So back to the original point, we all have gifts- you just have to dig deep. If you like to gist, you may just be a story teller. If you like to listen, you may make a good counselor. I am of the opinion that no matter how batshit crazy you think you are or aren’t, the world has use for all of us. You have to figure out what your use is and insist on it….the world needs us.

I don’t know my next set of moves per say, but I know my life has purpose and it is my sole mission in life to accomplish this purpose.

PS: if there is stuff or topics you would like me to write on or soee more of here, feel free to suggest it. I also welcome guest writers- can’t pay as this site is barely generating money. 

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6 Comments on The World Needs Us All

  1. chrisyinks // July 7, 2017 at 17:53 // Reply

    Yeah, if we dig deep, we all can find that unique strength of ours and how we can uniquely contribute to the world.

    My apologies for having not turned in any article yet….been so super busy (not like the summer I planned out). Would still get around to getting something in much later.


  2. I am actually one of those people that think they have no talents. So am off to discover mine then…


  3. Iyanuoluwa Balogun // July 9, 2017 at 16:06 // Reply

    Yaay… You’ve encouraged me with this post so today is Iyanuoluwa appreciation day, I can sew, I’m learning to make hair, I’m actually good with handiwork,I can cook well, I’m innovative, I can DIY anything, I give good advice and listen well, my depth of thinking is out of this world (although lately I’ve been struggling with not making this a problem as this same thinking has been tipping me towards depression). In short I’m awesome, and the world is my oyster


  4. @Iyanuoluwa abeg are you on ig (sewing business) let me scope your work.Are you also affordable. I am tired of over priced tailors for simple silk or Ankara bubus.


    • Hi Bee… I actually don’t sew for commercial purposes and I’ve not even sewn in months cos of medical school. Thanks though for wanting to patronise me


  5. Great!
    Who said we’re not interested in learning about food and exercises? + raising wholesome babies like yours! I am abeg!.

    Your mum could write and vlog (though I prefer reading)and you help her post on yours an submit articles to blogs like BN, that way others can solicit her advice(paid).


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