Global Competitiveness 

You see I have always argued that Nigeria and Africa on the whole are unable to compete globally. In terms of the future we seem focused on things that take us nowhere. I recently saw in the news that N2.4 billion had been approved to purchase a building for the Hajj Commission. While I am for God, I am starting to believe God is laughing at us. So this building exists essentially to ensure we send our citizens to Saudi Arabia for Hajj…fueling the Saudi economy. After oil, incase you didn’t know, the Hajj is one of the biggest revenue generators for that government- religious tourism. When religious tourism is done out of personal pocket, it is all and well – it should not be a governmental undertaking.

N2.4 billion can ensure out of school children learn basic literacy to be able to function at a basic level. An educated society makes it harder for the likes of Boko haram to recruit en mass, reduces maternal health issues and improves overall societal health and economy. 

I saw the video below on World Economic Forum, Lo and behold no African Country made that list. 

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From Switzerland to Sweden.

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What steps are you aware of that Nigeria is taking to be globally competitive or produce globally competitive citizens?

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  1. chrisyinks // June 29, 2017 at 21:25 // Reply

    You couldn’t have said it more succinctly and any better. To say I was much appalled when I read about the Hajj building purchase is to put it lightly. It overwhelms me to know that Acting President (Pastor) Osinbajo was aware of such expenditure. Well, per global competitiveness, we can’t even hold our own in Africa, so contesting for a dominant spot with the world is at best a dream. Till we have good and visionary leaders who can positively influence the pulse of the society, there’s almost nothing any individual could do….*sad face*


  2. I keep telling everyone that the future of medicine is genetics, yet medical students in unilag are still doing projects on knowledge attitude and practice… We don’t even have a database of anything. On a global scale we’re useless, because what can we offer to the world. Honestly our happiness is not enough considering that humans can’t live on happiness forever. I think I can officially say I’ve given up on Nigeria. When I find hope again I’ll mention it.


  3. // July 1, 2017 at 19:34 // Reply

    Lovely blog pynk!


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