Lean With The Rider

“​I’m not a 🏍 rider but ever since my uncle took me on my first motorcycle ride as a child Its been my secret fascination.  I’m getting a bike one day. 
Before getting on the bike he told me “when I lean the bike either to the left or right you have to lean with me. If you don’t lean with me I’ll lose you in the turn. If I lean left and you lean right because you’re scared you can end up getting hurt or hurting me” 

Uncle’s lesson has remained with me all these years and I believe the impact of this lesson is far reaching. Because we were so close together on the bike we had to move as one. 

I think that’s where most relationships (whether at work, home, or business) are lost; in the turn. We handle the straightaways just fine. But when life takes a turn and things change, people out of fear, and out of the need for self preservation do things and say things that not only hurt others but also hurt themselves.

Even in my relationship with God I don’t always understand why stuff happens. Often times God doesn’t even tell me when life is going to take another turn. All I know is to lean with the rider. 

Lean with the rider.” – David Thoreau

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  1. chrisyinks // June 26, 2017 at 13:38 // Reply

    very insightful remark!


  2. Lovely lovely analysis using a power bike.

    This is an absolute truth


  3. Lauretta // July 17, 2017 at 10:32 // Reply

    Interesting piece…Thanks


  4. Oh how brilliant.


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