You Can Be Anything!

YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT! Sorry and yes I am screaming. You know I feel like I should shout this out from a mountain top every morning I wake up. Gone are the days of picking a one track profession and ensuring that it was your life long career. 
You know those long winded stories our grandparents gave about how they worked somewhere for 50 years and retired and the loved it and blah blah. Well those days have long gone. My grandfather was an accountant from the day he became a professional to the day he died. At best he was the first Auditor General for Nigeria and I that was his life. Even the way he gave us birthday and Christmas gifts was accountant style. N10 for when you turned one, so by the time you were six, he would ask you how much you were supposed to get. If you gave wrong answer you got less. 

Even my Fathers generation started experiencing mid career changes. Many of them who are between 60 and 70 have had several different professions. I know of someone that went from accounting to farming. Our own generation I am concluding many of us got degrees just to have a back up plan- Doctors acting, lawyers turning pastry chefs, lawyers turning to management, mathematicians turning to bloggers and crochet artists, finance professionals turning to school administrators, Makeup artists etc. 

I saw the clip below and it made me realize that people have the sole choice to be whatever they absolutely want. My seven year old nephew wants to be an artist/ architect. And you know what? It is absolutely possible.  Folks we have the power to create that which we want to be. I hear people giving excuses for why folks do fraud and committ all sorts of crimes. The same tools used for bad can very easily be used for good.

I dare to challenge every young person to think outside the box. We will exist in a better society if we all did.  Enjoy the video below.

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The jobs invented in the last decade.

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Good Luck finding where your purpose will take you!

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  1. chrisyinks // June 24, 2017 at 19:44 // Reply

    Interesting jobs…..I reckon for many jobs, it’s more about transferable skills from other career paths, hence, why career switching is becoming an increasing phenomena. Also, the internet has made learning the nitty gritty of any profession easier.


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