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Hey everyone how are you? Welcome to a new week. How have the past ones been? Well as for me tomorrow is my birthday and as usual I have no concrete clue on what I want…with the exception of the fact that I need a new wardrobe. Despite weighing less than my pre-pregnancy weight- my body has changed somewhat so I have to start getting new clothes within a reasonable budget…I tried 5k shop and they don’t seem to pick up their phone. If anyone knows of any reasonable and reliable online stores please leave a comment on it. 

Moving Swiftly along…so I decided in 2014- June that I had gotten my last chemical treatment….a texturiser. I didnt have the courage to just go and shave off my whole head of hair, so I opted to transition for a year which was enough to grow out my curly fro. Honestly I didn’t know how long I would stay natural but I just wanted to try. In my mind I set a ridiculous length for my hair in three years- BSL (bra strap length I think). I bought some of the standard staples – shea moisture, cantu and some AG. 

A few months later I got pregnant and my hair sort of became much less of a priority. The main thing I am obsessed about with my hair is that it must be clean. I can wash once a day if I have the time. Anyway I am pleased to annouce that the journey has been so far worth it. I spend less on my hair and it continues to grow. I am no longer a product junkie and I keep it really simple.

Frankly if you asked me 4 years ago if my hair grew- I would have said no, because with relaxers I never got past armpit length hair. These days I keep a low maintenance routine and just make sure I moisturize and seal. I also tend to straighten my hair with heat less than 4 times a year. I am proud of myself, because I have two baby girls and I have a decent enough Idea of what not to do with their hair.

L-R Jun ’15, Jun ’16, Jun ’17 – 1 year apart

L-R Jun ’17, Jan ’16, Sep ’15

So I am setting a waist length target for June 2019 after which I will probably cut it all off at that point. I don’t see the point in hair any longer than that. It feels like it will just be heavy. 

So that’s my three year journey in pictures.

PS: my hair also fell out in front thanks to post partum shedding, but has since recovered thanks partly to castor oil.

Do you have hair goals? If yes what are they? 

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous Ms Pynk (i especially love the colour)
    Yes I’m aiming for waist length too. Lol. Although most times i am tired of the stress that accompanies long hair. My hair is relaxed and for the past two years ive been actively trying to retain my length. I’m mid back now, but i honestly don’t know what the future holds.
    P.s Happy birthday tommorow.


  2. I got tired of my hair at some point. So no special goals. I’m not so sure it would grow more than this… Still on relaxed hair. I can’t manage natural hair…. I’ll definitely have constant headaches from all the special routines…

    Happy birthday, Ms Pynk! May all you desire become stunning realities.


  3. Happy Birthday, Miss Pynk. your hair is doing very well. I’m in a love-hate relationship with mine. my hair goal, for now, is to have stress free hair.


  4. chrisyinks // June 20, 2017 at 17:00 // Reply

    Happy Birthday Pynk, wishing you a fun-filled day and a prosperous new year.


  5. Pynk, my kids hair have refudedy to grow. Its even worse cos they took after their Dad with his “gorimapka” hair. Chai.

    I had hair gos fr them girls o. I have put castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cannabis, . please any ideas? cos im really sad.

    For me, i just doubt I have the energy to manage natural hair. But im trying to get my hair back to its former glory.


    • Clare castor oil and coconut oil mixed in for their scalp. A nice conditioner shea moisture or cantu kids for rheir hair and u can seal with a bit of shea butter mixed with coconut oil. Give it at least 6 weeks for results. Also make sure their shampoo is sulfate and paraben fre and conditioner is silicone free


  6. Happy birthday Ms Pynk


  7. Happy birthday ms pynk….have a blessed year.
    You’ve got lovely hair.


  8. Happy birthday in arrears to you Ms. Pynk!
    Your hair is super! 🙂 I’ve got lot of hair but my challenge is texture, too coarse, still can’t seem to be a great leave in conditioner.


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